At Groupe DPS, we are equipped to galvanize metals with the application of several types of product.

Galvanizing Service in Greater Montreal Region

ZRC Galvilite®
This very high purity zinc is mixed with an electricity conductor binder and is non-encapsulating due to a strictly controlled factory process. The result is a self-healing galvanizing film that prevents rust from getting under the coating while providing extended rust protection. It can also be used to perform touch-ups on galvanized steel to correct imperfections, or for welding and drilling.

We are authorized dealers. ZRC Galvilite® is available in gallon, quart or aerosol formats.



Rust-Anode® is a cold galvanizing coating composed of 99.995% pure organic zinc. It provides cathodic protection by making an electrochemical adhesion to the metal surface. It is highly resistant to salt water and saline environments as well as to hydrocarbons such as hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline or urea. Surface preparation is done with SSPC SP6 or SP10 as appropriate. The coating may be applied on non-flaking rust from which dust has been removed. Rust-Anode ® provides the same performance as an equal thickness of hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating. It can last from 25 to 30 years in an urban atmosphere depending on the thickness of the zinc layer. Rust-Anode® has been manufactured in Belgium since 1954 and has recently become available in Canada.

We can apply this product over old hot-dip galvanizing by water pressure washing in advance. Although it can be used alone, Rust-Anode®, which is dull gray in colour, can also be painted over without additional preparation.

It is below the strictest US VOC standards and complies with ASTM B117 salt spray, ASTM D522 folding, ONGC 1-GP-71 method 119.5 and ONGC-1181 standards, Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


It is Possible to Treat the Following Structures:

  • Bridges
  • Outsized manufactured structures
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Structural Steel
  • OEM
  • Works of art
  • Antennas
  • Infrastructures

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Professional Association

RBQ Licence: 5664-8520-01


  • Industrial & commercial painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Bodywork Truck and heavy equipment
  • Cold galvanizing
  • Rustproofing tectyl

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